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Language Learning: French autoethnography

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1.4 Identify Filters


In this step, we draw on the same set of data generated by the initial focus of attention, and as illustrated in the previous step, to identify elements which might limit or constrain a learner's access to the forms of assistance identified at brainstorming (1.1)  and further categorised (1.3). An example of an early iteration of Filter identification:



Early Iteration: Identifying Potential Resource Filters as at 26 April 2010


Data sources: learner's blog, diary, browser bookmarks, search history, photos, output from previous iterations.


Items underlined appear in more than one category.


Filter for Knowledge and Skill resources;

Filter for People and Tools resources;

Filter for Environment resources;


Learning philosophy: audio CD; teacher ; authors of texts;

The English Language Syntax, Semantics, Communicative power etc.

Skills: (Listening, Comprehension, Speech, Writing, Observations, Research process, analysis, synthesis);


Shared Language/Words English/French; Franglaise;

Network service providers: Internet, mobile.

Ownership/access to resources e.g. technology;

Physical aspects of Locale: e.g. suitable for recording audio memo: public/private; noise levels; Light levels for seeing screen. Visibility for street signs etc. Availability and appropriateness of surfaces for sticking crib sheets in house;

Power, e.g. battery or mains electricity; storage e.g. digital storage capacity and ability of devices used

Licensing and copyright

Ethos/ownership/political stance of media that filters/edits what is reported about what happens in the world and how it is reported;

Weather conditions e.g. for walking/chance conversational encounters;

Distribution of film; TV schedule and production; 

Funding; Exchange rate;

Commercial structure: Opening/closing hours e.g. shops and station; Transport timetables and prices; Catch-up TV availability;

Season, weather and tides;

Political and Economic situation; e.g. strikes and elections; the education system; Public Holidays;


The lives of others;

Management: Language school: timetable and holiday sessions; Language class teacher; Travel providers e.g. TGV/SNCF/; Café, cinema and shop management;

Administration: e.g. Local societies and councils who manage for example, l'atelier du peintre Cézanne, the racecourse and the bicycle hire systems; roads and traffic flow

Social situations: Meals; Misundertandings; language lessons; Race meeting;

Maps, plans, signage;

 ‘boundaries’ Physical and geographical e.g. the coastline; man-made Quartier/locale,

Season, weather and tides;

Political and Economic situation; e.g. strikes and elections; the education system; Public Holidays;


The lives of others;






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