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Specify Focus of Attention

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1.2 Specify Focus of Attention


This element of Phase 1 of the EoR Model and Design Framework aims to move you beyond the initial brainstorming stage - and to begin to connect resources to a particular design problem or research focus. This step may involve several iterations back and forth until a sufficiently refined focus of attention is achieved which allows you to move on to developing a preliminary EoR model.


For more on this step, see p119-120 of Re-Designing Learning Contexts.




  • you will previously have identified a generic set of potential forms of assistance (in step 1.1)
  • you are exploring these identified forms of assistance (e.g. knowledge, environment, resources) to frame a design or research focus
  • this focus of attention is, in turn, framed by the learner and the learner's learning need
  • limitations and affordances of available forms of assistance are likely to emerge in this stage
  • you may identify multiple foci of attention at this stage - these can be dealt with iteratively
  • a key aim of this stage is to 'prune' down the learner's ZAA identified in step 1 



Links to Case Studies:


The following links will take you to a varied range of study examples showing how this step of the EoR Model and Design Framework have been applied in practice.


001. Self-Managed Learning

002. Language Learning (Immersive Language Study in France)

003. Language Learning (miLexicon: Designing Support for Personal & Collaborative Learning Environments) 


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