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001 1 Phase 1

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Phase 1 


This page contains links to the various stages of Phase 1 of the EoR Model and Framework as applied to this study. Occasionally, sub-sections have been provided which extend the model to show treatment of data samples. These sub-sections are identifiable by the descriptor DS (data sample). You may move between phases of the study or return to the study overview using the menu above. To return to the main wiki page, simply click on the Wiki tab.


1.1.     Brainstorm Forms of Assistance


     1.1.1 DS1 - Layout Sketch

     1.1.2 DS2 - Field Notes

     1.1.3 DS3 - Photo Sets

     1.1.4 DS4 - Documents

     1.1.5 DS5 - Timetable

     1.1.6 DS6 - Interview


1.2     Specify Focus of Attention


1.3     Categorise Resource Elements


     1.3.1     DS7 - Planetarium Photo Sets

     1.3.2     DS8 - Planetarium Ad Hoc Discussions

     1.3.3     DS9 - Planetarium Field Notes


1.4     Identify Filters


1.5     Identify Learner Resources


1.6     Identify MAPs


1.7     Iterations



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