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001 3-7 Within-Filter

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3.7 Within-Filter


In the card game study, this step was reflected in the situation where one set of filters/influences impacted on another. For example, the complexity of the rules of the game was influenced by the amount of time available to play the game (time limits determined by the availability of the location within which the game was being played, the overall timetable of learners' presence at the centre and/or waning interest on the part of learners). As discussed in the preceding step, this led to adjustment of the rules for playing the game, both in terms of complexity and in terms of the recommended number of players.


A further filter, in this instance was, for example - the nature of the learning centre as a self-managed learning domain in which the range and variety of spaces available to the learners was limited and required bookable time. As the card game was played at the kitchen table (the lounge table having been discounted due to prior booking by other students), the amount of time available for game play was in filtered by pre-booked time slots and the need/desire of learners to move onto other activities. This, too, might occur in more formal learning settings where school timetables, etc. might intervene.



In technology design scenarios, the implications of the within-filter step might be an enhaned awareness of the relationship between learner, time, space and resource which, in turn, might for example, lead to a simplification or more stratified design which learners can dip in and out of in order to benefit from short time scales and to overcome the limitations of shared resources.


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